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About Us

A leading chapati Supplier in Nashik, Maharashtra

Fresh, Healthy Home Made Chapatis.

Made from Best Quality Wheat and Sunflower oil.

Made in a Hygienic conditions. Roasted to a Perfection.

We undertake bulk orders of chapatis for canteens, caterers etc at reasonble rate.

Why should you choose us?

Customers or guests always gives special attention or comments on the chapatis or roti your serve them, specially in corporate companies canteens and in restuarants. Most of the time chapatis are of average quality, thin, partialy roasted but our concentration is on ensuring that each chapati ii made with perfection and quality.

Why should we give our customers chance to give negative feedbacks by compromising on quality of our food.


1 - If you are serving Good food, sabji, dal or rice but getting negative feedbacks from customers or clients because of the the quality of your chapatis then it is a time to earn positive feedbacks by serving tasty and healthy chapatis.

2 - Make your guests, employes, clients and customers happy by giving them a tasty and healthy chapatis with the food your serve them.

3 - Good and tasty food and chaptis will always earn you more orders and clients.

4 - Give no chance for negative feedbacks and complains.

5 - Serving Quality chapati always increases customer satisfaction by 50 %.

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